An initiative from TVP to help small and medium businesses thrive during times of economic uncertainty.

A message from Omri Bojko and Jason Sochol, TVP Co-founders:

We’re acutely aware that during the current situation many small and medium businesses are facing challenges like nothing seen before. We feel frustrated like you! And we realized we had the expertise to help in a unique way.

As the uncertainty makes shopping online a necessity for many people, we understand there are many brick & mortar business owners who have stock, but no online presence in order to sell their products. Perhaps they already have a small ecommerce store, but are experiencing challenges with supply chain and fulfillment. Maybe they sell online through Amazon and now have to pivot to an FBM model.

TVP was founded to help non-profits and NGOs with sourcing, production and ecommerce; today we’re in the position to again REACH out and provide help, information and strategic advice to entrepreneurs around the world.

We’re bringing the collective strength of our entire team to help businesses thrive in 2020. Ecommerce experts, strategic analysts, business operations specialists, talented designers, genius developers, marketing mavens and our fulfillment, supply chain and shipping gurus.

Our reach is broad, and our team is ready. How can we help?

Jason Sochol

Omri Bojko

You are:

A Brick and Mortar Store.

1. A Brick & Mortar Store

Our ‘Get Main Street Online’ initiative will help brick and mortar stores that are closed during this time. We know you have stock and products, you have community and customers. TVP REACH will help you get your store online and positioned to start selling fast. We’ll help you set up your fulfillment and deliveries and give you the tools to throw your virtual store doors wide open. You’ll be ready for business and able to REACH your customers.

Online But Without Ecommerce

2. Online, But Don’t Have Ecommerce

Like many businesses you already have a website and an online presence. Maybe you thought that eCommerce wouldn’t work for your business model or perhaps you never got around to getting it set up. We’re here to change that for the better. We can help you with advice and resources to succeed with eCommerce.

Set for Ecomm but Need Some Help

3. Set Up for Ecommerce, But Don’t Know How to Weather the Storm

Many of our clients are already set for eCommerce, but have recently noticed wild swings in their analytics and decreasing conversion rates. That’s where we come in. The TVP REACH initiative is to give you the tools to fortify your online business. We will help streamline operations and offer strategies for fulfillment and shipping as well as conversion rates and digital marketing. This can make a significant impact immediately!

Selling on amazon But Now You Can't

4. Selling on Amazon, But Now You Can’t

If you are making the transition from FBA to FBM, keeping your supply chain moving is crucial now. TVP functions as an eCommerce “General Contractor’ <>. We assist at every step of the process and have expertise optimizing different verticals. We’re also production and design specialists, so we know how to bring your products from dream to delivered.

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Just like you, we’ve been feeling frustrated and looking for ways to help out in this tumultuous time. Then we realized our expertise in the eCommerce space could be quite useful for those who were only just learning about selling online.


We’ve helped hundreds of clients, large and small, launch and maintain their eCommerce presence. We’ve also helped streamline production and fulfillment operations for some amazing businesses, from charities to restaurants to global festivals.


Our specialty is filling the gaps wherever your particular needs are. We are the missing piece of the puzzle in your business and we can fill any role, from consulting to creation and beyond. And we want to make sure that you stay a success, even after we’ve moved past the uncertainty.