Let Your Cause Shine

Branded Solutions for Nonprofits

At TVP NYC, we understand the power of a strong brand to amplify your nonprofit's message and impact. Our tailored solutions are designed to help your cause shine, creating memorable experiences for donors, volunteers, and employees alike. Our branded solutions for nonprofits include:

Donor Gifts

Show your appreciation to your generous donors with thoughtful and branded gifts that reflect your organization's mission and values.

Donor Engagement and Fundraising Appeals

Capture the attention of potential donors with compelling and personalized fundraising appeals that inspire action and support.

Volunteer Uniforms

Unify your volunteer team and foster a sense of belonging with custom-designed uniforms that showcase your nonprofit's identity.

Volunteer Gifts

Recognize the dedication and commitment of your volunteers with unique gifts that express gratitude and reinforce their importance to your cause.

Employee Gifts & Uniforms

Strengthen team spirit and morale among your staff with branded uniforms and gifts that cultivate a sense of pride and loyalty.

Online Stores

Simplify the process of distributing branded merchandise and fundraising materials with our customizable online stores, tailored to meet your organization's needs.


From awareness campaigns to fundraising drives, our campaign kits provide everything you need to execute successful initiatives and make a lasting impact.

We’re in The Game Where Everyone Wins

At TVP NYC, we believe in the power of collaboration and shared success. With our branded solutions for nonprofits, we're committed to helping you achieve your goals and make a difference in the world. 

Let us be your partner in spreading awareness, driving engagement, and building a brighter future for your cause. Together, we can create meaningful experiences that leave a lasting impression and inspire positive change.

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In addition to all of this, we also offer in-house warehousing and fulfillment services. Leave the logistics to us!



We are so #GLSENproud and grateful to be partners with TVP for our online store. TVP provided step-by-step guidance for how to build, stock, and market our products. In particular, Daria Rose is Shopify wizard. There isn't a question she can't answer or workaround she can't discover. Thank you!

Kershaws Challenge

We are so grateful for the expertise of our friends at TVP NYC. They have brought a new level of professionalism and creativity to our online store via Shopify. Their attention to detail and excitement about what we are doing makes our partnership an easy fit. We are thankful for how they make our job easier! It makes sense to lean on the experts.

Water Aid

We loved working with the TVP team. Being a non-profit with limited capacity, we were looking for a way to maximize how we offer the giving experience and demonstrate the impact of supporting our work. Daria started off the project by doing a concise competitive analysis. From there, she helped us craft a beautifully designed shop with an intuitive user interface, that includes a ‘Buy It’, Gift it, and a ‘Raise it’ proposition - to show people how they are connected to our work no matter how they choose to give through the shop!