Our Story

We've been setting the trends since before swag was even a word. Our journey began with a passion for creativity and a drive to stand out.


Our Beginning

Back in the day, when swag was just a twinkle in the eye of pop culture, we were already making waves. Our journey with TVP began when we noticed a gap in creativity within nonprofit merchandise and branding.

It motivated us to launch The Vanity Project, with the aim of creating purposeful, top-quality merchandise that people would genuinely love to wear. 

Collaborating with organizations like the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, we made a meaningful impact. While we originally wanted to cater directly to consumers, our path soon evolved, opening up new and thrilling opportunities (and tons of fun!) along the way.


Exhilirating times!

As our journey unfolded, we discovered new opportunities that led us to reshape our business model, We transitioned from a customer-facing brand to a valued partner in the industry.

In 2014 when Ryot approached us to design a t-shirt for Ian Somerhalder to promote his foundation at the Teen Choice Awards. The response to Ian's shirt on Twitter was phenomenal, sparking a surge in our sales and opening doors to exciting collaborations with high-profile clients, including celebrities, foundations.

We even worked on Disney campaigns for iconic films like Star Wars and Iron Man!


Getting too big for our boots!

Most of our work happened behind the scenes, quietly supporting and operationalizing these projects. Even when our efforts were unseen, we took immense pride in the positive impact our work had on our championed causes.

TVP continued to grow and our fulfillment demands exceeded what our original provider could handle. We established our own warehouse for in-house fulfillment as our work with nonprofits opened new doors for us.

Companies began requesting dedicated storefronts rather than being part of our marketplace, and we began exploring Shopify theme development. In 2015, we were invited to join the Shopify Partner Program. 


Expanding into eComm

After we became Shopify Plus partners in 2015, which made us the fastest to transition from a Shopify partner to a Plus partner at the time, the only way was up.

This achievement served as a stepping stone for our eCommerce business, allowing us to collaborate with notable companies like Carnival, Chantecaille, Lonely Planet, and Totes Isotoner.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, eCommerce and fulfillment became even more crucial to our business, causing an explosion in demand.


2024 and Beyond!

The eCommerce facet of our business underwent a transformative rebranding initiative, emerging as Total Commerce This rebranding marked a significant milestone as Total Commerce began operating autonomously.

In the spirit of efficiency and specialization, we have a collaborative yet separate approach to our operations. While still part of the same ecosystem, Total Commerce and our other divisions now function independently. It allows us to streamline services and focus on niche areas.

This strategic evolution enables us to harness the collective expertise of each division, ultimately providing our customers with unparalleled service and insight tailored to their specific needs.

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