Blank Street Coffee

Blank Street Coffee


Custom eCommerce Solutions for Food and Bev

Company Background

Blank Street Coffee, founded in 2020, is dedicated to providing exceptional coffee at affordable prices. Operating from small, innovative locations and battery-powered carts, they have expanded their presence both domestically and internationally, revolutionizing the coffee shop experience.

The Challenge

Blank Street Coffee faced several challenges in managing their expanding business. They needed a unified eCommerce platform to cater to different employee types, as well as an efficient system to integrate multiple warehouse locations and shipping profiles. Additionally, they required merchandise production for online sales and their rapidly expanding locations.

The Solution

To address these challenges, we made modifications to their existing eCommerce site by implementing the Wholesale All in One App. This app allowed for different pricing catalogs by employee type, creating a more tailored shopping experience.

We also set up multiple warehouse locations and shipping profiles, allowing customers to purchase coffee from the manufacturer and merchandise from us in a single order. Shipments were efficiently managed, with the manufacturer receiving the orders they were responsible for and TVP managing our own orders.

Moreover, we facilitated merchandise production for online sales and expanded to domestic and international locations, boosting their revenue generation through apparel sales and customer engagement.

What We Did

  • eCommerce Sales and Distribution Programs
  • Apparel Revenue Generation Programs
  • Product-based Marketing and Customer Engagement Programs
  • eCommerce Site Modifications
  • Implementation of Wholesale All in One App
  • Set up Multiple Warehouse Locations and Shipping Profiles
  • Merchandise Production

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