Comprehensive Apparel and Fulfillment Solutions for Food and Bev Up Success

Company Background

&Pizza is a fast-growing, innovative pizza chain known for its unique, oblong-shaped pizzas and commitment to community engagement. Since its inception in 2012, the company has expanded rapidly, now serving over 80 locations across the United States.

The Challenge

&Pizza sought to develop a comprehensive and adaptable product-based marketing and customer engagement program. This program needed to include uniforms, VIP gifts, and customer marketing engagements, as well as support their rapid growth from 3 to 80+ locations. Additionally, they required an efficient online ordering portal, custom reporting infrastructure, and a budget allocation system for different regions and stores.

The Solution

We partnered with &Pizza to create multiple collections of apparel and accessories for various scenarios, including promotional items, screen-printed and embroidered retail items, and fully custom cut & sew pieces. We designed a custom online ordering portal that was mobile-responsive and user-friendly for busy store managers. We also developed a budget allocation system to provide corporate visibility and keep teams within budget, as well as a custom reporting infrastructure for their finance team to integrate with organizational KPIs.

What We Did

  • Apparel and Accessory Collections
  • Uniform and Workwear Programs
  • eCommerce and Fulfillment Capabilities
  • Custom Online Ordering Portal
  • Budget Allocation System
  • Custom Reporting Infrastructure


Our collaboration with &Pizza resulted in a successful system that supported their growth from 3 to 80+ locations. The collections we developed included quick turnaround, rush items reacting to market opportunities, and longer turnaround evergreen items built from scratch. These collections included items for internal use, such as uniforms, and retail and marketing items for fans and customers to use in redemption and loyalty programs. By working with us, &Pizza was able to enhance their brand image, streamline their ordering and budgeting processes, and create a tailored marketing and customer engagement program that resonated with their target audience.

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