Tailored eCommerce and Fulfillment Programs for Tech

Company Background

Odeko is a tech company that provides an all-in-one mobile ordering and supply chain management platform for coffee shops and cafes. Their innovative solution streamlines operations, increases revenue, and enhances the customer experience for businesses in the food and beverage industry.

The Challenge

Odeko required a uniform and workwear program that could cater to the different needs of their diverse employee base. They needed a system that could efficiently manage inventory, provide varied pricing for different employee types, and offer a streamlined shopping experience for their staff.

The Solution

To address Odeko’s needs, we created a simple branded store template that serves as an employee shopping portal. We implemented wholesale and security apps to allow for differentiated pricing catalogs and views based on employee type, including items at $0 value. To further enhance the shopping experience, we enabled free shipping for orders without monetary value.

We also devised a system for managing separate inventory buckets for the same item, ensuring product availability for key teams. This turnkey solution allowed Odeko to offer different SKUs and pricing options to their varied employee base.

What We Did

  • Uniform and Workwear Programs with eCommerce and Fulfillment Capabilities
  • Product-based Marketing and Customer Engagement Programs
  • Custom Store Template Creation
  • Wholesale App & Locksmith Implementation
  • Inventory Management


Our tailored solution resulted in a streamlined and customized employee shopping experience for Odeko. We successfully managed inventory and ensured product availability for key teams while implementing varied pricing options for different employee types. Our work enabled Odeko to provide their employees with a seamless, efficient, and personalized shopping experience that met their unique needs.

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