Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder


Quick and Efficient Merchandise Management for Wellness and Hospitality

Tough Mudder is a well known organization that hosts obstacle course races and endurance events. Their events challenge participants both physically and mentally while fostering teamwork and camaraderie.

The Challenge

Tough Mudder faced a difficult situation when their previous merchandise provider unexpectedly went out of business. They needed a new partner to quickly take over several critical aspects of their operations, including managing existing inventory, launching a new site, handling customer service for unfulfilled orders, setting up print on demand for special edition products, and producing bulk merchandise for race day events.

The Solution

We stepped in to provide a seamless solution for Tough Mudder. Our team took in the existing inventory, which arrived in disarray, and organized it efficiently. We launched a new eCommerce site in record time to minimize disruptions to their business. We also handled customer service for customers affected by the previous partner, ensuring their needs were met and their concerns addressed.


Additionally, we set up print on demand for special edition products, allowing Tough Mudder to offer unique items without the need for large upfront inventory investments. We managed bulk production for race day merchandise, ensuring participants had access to quality, branded items during events.


What We Did

  • Inventory Management
  • eCommerce Site Development
  • Customer Service
  • Print on Demand
  • Bulk Production for Race Day Merchandise


Our collaboration with Tough Mudder resulted in a smooth transition to a new provider and improved customer experience and satisfaction. We successfully implemented print on demand for special edition products and managed bulk production for race day merchandise, contributing to the overall efficiency and operational stability of Tough Mudder’s events. With our support, Tough Mudder was able to continue offering high-quality merchandise to their participants and fans without missing a beat.

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