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TVP & CrowdRise - Streamlining Success With Branded Merchandise

TVP NYC worked with CrowdRise on overhauling their system, enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and boosting community engagement. 

CrowdRise, founded in 2010 by Edward Norton, Shauna Robertson, and Robert and Jeffrey Wolfe, is a pioneering crowdfunding platform for charitable giving. It leverages social networking and online fundraising to empower individuals and organizations to easily create campaigns for causes they support.


As an innovator in peer-to-peer fundraising, CrowdRise rewarded fundraisers with loyalty points redeemable for high-quality branded merchandise, making fundraising an attractive venture. The system was inefficient and involved multiple vendors, increasing costs and complexity. Our challenge was streamlining this system to fulfill the rewards efficiently and cost-effectively.


TVP NYC offered the following solutions:

Integrated Merchandise Management

We provided a comprehensive solution, taking charge of product development, sourcing, production, and fulfillment. This approach streamlined the entire process, from concept to delivery.

Cost Efficiency and Flexibility

Consolidating the supply chain under one roof reduced operational costs and increased the program's flexibility, enabling Crowdrise to offer its community a broader range of merchandise.

Enhanced Community Engagement

Once we simplified the system, it made it easier for fundraisers to redeem their points for desirable merchandise, boosting a sense of achievement and deepening the connection to the CrowdRise brand.


Product Development and Sourcing

TVP NYC worked closely with CrowdRise to identify and develop merchandise. We aimed to craft product lines that resonate with the community's values and aspirations. 

Streamlined Production and Fulfillment

Leveraging our expertise and infrastructure, TVP NYC overhauled this process and implemented an efficient production and logistics strategy. It ensured that the merchandise was produced and delivered to CrowdRise fundraisers promptly and cost-effectively. 

System Integration

We seamlessly integrated our solutions with CrowdRise's existing platforms, enhancing UX while simplifying how the CrowdRise team manages production and fulfillment. 


The collaboration between TVP NYC and CrowdRise was a huge success:

Operational Excellence

The partnership significantly reduced operational costs while also simplifying the process. By reducing the complexity, CrowdRise could allocate more resources to its core mission. 

Community Impact

The CrowdRise community loved the revamped merchandise program, which helped boost engagement and participation in fundraising activities. 

Brand Enhancement

The success of the merchandise program under the TVP NYC reinforced CrowdRise's brand identity and commitment to its community. Eventually, this magnification contributed to the company's eventual acquisition by GoFundMe.


The collaboration between TVP NYC and CrowdRise showcases the transformative impact of a streamlined, integrated approach to branded merchandise management. By addressing logistical challenges and focusing on community engagement, TVP NYC played a pivotal role in strengthening CrowdRise's brand and mission, setting a new standard for peer-to-peer fundraising platforms.

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