TVP & Runkeeper - Powering Branded Merchandise and eCommerce Innovation

TVP NYC partnered with Runkeeper to leverage branded merchandise and an eCommerce storefront to boost engagement and brand loyalty and open new revenue streams. 

Runkeeper is a globally recognized running and fitness app that offers its users tracking, motivation, and personalized fitness plans.


In an era where app engagement translates into brand loyalty, Runkeeper wanted to deepen connections with its global user base while boosting engagement and revenue streams. Our challenge was to achieve this by extending the brand experience beyond the app with branded merchandise and fitness gear. 

Runkeeper approached TVP NYC to help them develop an eCommerce solution. The requirements were seamless integration with the Runkeeper app, minimal investment, and the ability to handle everything from product curation to customer service and fulfillment on a global scale.


TVP NYC provided multi-tiered solutions:

End-to-End eCommerce Management

TVP NYC developed and managed Runkeeper's eCommerce storefront. We ensured it would be a comprehensive solution that included storefront management, product sourcing and production, and global distribution and fulfillment.

Data-Driven Product Selection

We leveraged deep data-driven insights into Runkeeper's user base to curate branded merchandise and high-quality fitness gear. 

Integration and User Engagement

We helped create a unified user experience by implementing a single sign-on feature that connected the eCommerce store with the Runkeeper app. The integration allowed users to use rewards points and other app data to make purchases, unifying the two platforms. 


Product Development and Sourcing

We started our collaboration with a global virtual 5k event in which Runkeeper offered participants the opportunity to purchase a commemorative shirt. The campaign resulted in thousands of engaged users and set the stage for a broader eCommerce strategy.

Enhanced User Engagement

The eCommerce platform provided Runkeeper's users a tangible way to connect with the brand, increasing user engagement and loyalty.

Opened New Revenue Channels

We created an eCommerce storefront selling high-quality branded merchandise and curated fitness apparel to a global audience. This became a new revenue channel for Runkeeper.


The collaboration between TVP NYC and Runkeeper showed phenomenal results:

It demonstrated the power of using branded merchandise and eCommerce to enhance digital brand engagement. By providing comprehensive, end-to-end support, we helped Runkeeper unlock new user engagement and revenue levels. 

Ultimately, the partnership contributed to the brand's growth and success in the competitive fitness industry, which eventually led to its acquisition by ASICS.


This collaboration highlighted TVP NYC's ability to transform digital engagement into tangible brand experiences by integrating branded merchandise and digital eCommerce platforms. 

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