TVP & Omaze - Operational Excellence Across Iconic Campaigns

TVP NYC worked with Omaze on a wide range of challenging and bespoke campaigns that raised substantial funding for various organizations. We were instrumental in the operational success of Omaze's innovative fundraising model, combining celebrity experiences and entertainment tie-ins to support charitable causes. 

TVP NYC’s work with Omaze included high-profile campaigns like "Star Wars: Force for Change" and the finale of the "Breaking Bad" TV show, and various other projects involving major films and celebrities. Our versatility and expertise, especially in challenging backend ops, helped bring ambitious ideas to life.


Each Omaze campaign presented unique operational challenges. We had to produce highly customized solutions for sourcing, producing, and distributing various merchandise and collectible items globally. 

These high-profile campaigns demanded not only logistical precision but also creative merchandise that resonated with fans and donors, bringing the message across effectively and successfully prompting the desired action: raising money.


TVP NYC offered end-to-end operational support tailored to the needs of each campaign:

Merchandise and Collectibles

The custom-designed apparel and accessories for "Star Wars: Force for Change" and the quirky and unique collectibles for the "Breaking Bad" finale are only some of the examples of items that TVP NYC delivered to capture the essence of each campaign.

Global Logistics and Fulfillment

Our comprehensive logistics capabilities ensured that, no matter how complex or large the campaign was, we delivered rewards to donors worldwide safely and on time. 


"Star Wars: Force for Change"

This campaign leveraged the anticipation around the new Star Wars movie, with TVP NYC managing various themed merchandise and collectibles. We nailed this project as we showcased our operational excellence on a global scale.

"Breaking Bad" Finale

For this landmark television event, TVP NYC sourced and distributed themed rewards. We met the high demand from fans and ensured each donor received their piece of television history.

Other Projects

We’ve worked on projects including "Star Trek" and "Iron Man 3", and with celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger, and more. We even sourced creative merchandise like cupcakes with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck's faces on!


The collaboration between TVP NYC and Omaze yielded significant achievements:

Unprecedented Fundraising Success

High-profile campaigns helped raise millions for charitable causes. Our operational support helped ensure the success of these campaigns.

Enhanced Donor Satisfaction

By delivering unique, high-quality merchandise and collectibles, donors felt a deeper connection to the causes they supported, boosting engagement and repeat contributions.

Operational Scalability

TVP NYC's ability to manage the logistics of diverse and complex campaigns demonstrated our role as a critical operational backbone for Omaze. With us handling the challenging backend ops, Omaze could focus on their core mission. 


Through strategic collaboration across various groundbreaking campaigns, TVP NYC has proven its ability to navigate the complexities of charitable fundraising, turning ambitious concepts into reality. 

The partnership with Omaze showcases the potential of combining creative fundraising with operational expertise to engage donors and support causes worldwide. As both organizations look to the future, their continued collaboration promises to break new ground in charitable engagement, setting new standards for innovation and impact.

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